Whats the story of that brown you always gif? I kind of want to watch it, it looks really cute.



It’s called Qubool Hai. And you should definitely watch it :) 

So the show just finished its 500th episode on Friday, so the story is bit long to explain fully. We are technically in the second season, and the leads now are the offsprings of the first generation, most of whom are dead. 

It was originally a story about a bubbly girl from New York, Zoya, who comes to India and ends up staying at this guy’s house, Asad, he is uptight, traditional and they don’t get along…aka, much sexual tension. They slowly fall in love, and are legit the cutest couple in the world. But something goes wrong every time they try to get married due to this stupid woman named Tanveer. They finally get married + have two daughters, twins. Now this stupid Tanveer seems to have all the luck in the world and ends up killing them and lives to this day. Their daughters both survive, but they get separated, the Grandma takes one of them, Sanam, but the other one, Seher (aka Sunheri), is left behind and thought to be dead. 

Now, the “second season” starts when Sanam is older, she looks exactly like her mother and acts her like her father, and is all kinds of adorable + headstrong like her parents. She runs a “dhaba” in Punjab where the male lead, Aahil Raza Ibrahim, shows up. He’s an asshole, well pretends to be to hide his tragic past. Tanveer, aka the woman who killed Asad + Zoya, is Aahil’s stepmother who he worships b/c he thinks she saved him from going to jail for killing his father, something he didn’t actually do. Tanveer put the gun in his hand after she killed his father and made him believe he did it because she is a manipulative bitch like that. 

Anyways. Aahil + Sanam meet, they fight, they hate each other, he burns down her dhaba and she burns his car. They split ways, he promises that he’ll break her pride and she promises that she’ll break his “ego” if they ever meet again. 

Sanam was supposed to marry some douchebag, but he takes all their money and runs away. She has to go to Bhopal to find a job, and she obviously gets a job at his house as a cook. They don’t figure it out at first but when they do they are at each other’s throats, challenges ensue but they come closer and closer. 

He then saves her from being buried alive and all of a sudden Aahil starts realizing that he has feelings for her. And she starts realizing that he isn’t such an asshole after all but she doesn’t recall how she clinged to him when he saved her. And now, one of the other characters comes into play, Rehan - he is Tanveer’s biological son but no one knows, he works for Aahil and lives in the same house + starts falling for Sanam. Sanam only sees him as a friend though but both Aahil and Rehan do not know this. 

Now, enter twist. A lawyer shows up and says Aahil has to get married before his 30th birthday or all the property + money goes to a trust fund. Aahil could care less but Tanveer is adamant that he gets married because she wants the money. Enter Nida, aka Aahil’s old friend and gold digger. She’s a complete bitch and hates Sanam. When Aahil realizes that Sanam doesn’t have feelings for him he asks Nida to marry him, he regrets it every moment though. 

It doesn’t take long for Nida to figure out where Aahil’s heart really is, and she doesn’t make life easy for Sanam. Now, Tanveer finds out the truth about Nida. Tanveer is blind, like legit, so she doesn’t realize that Sanam is Zoya + Asad’s daughter and she doesn’t see the fire + passion between Aahil and Sanam. When Sanam’s grandma sees Tanveer she has a heart attack, Sanam now needs someone to pay for the operation, and Tanveer pretends to be her saviour and guilts her into marrying Aahil. Sanam is heart broken but she feels like she owes that much to Tanveer and says yes.

Aahil says yes to the nikaah but Rehan, who was going to propose to Sanam, is heartbroken. What bothers him the most is that his mother, Tanveer, knew of his feelings and still made Sanam marry Aahil. Tanveer tells Sanam that it’s a fake wedding, for only three months until the property transfers over. Tanveer doesn’t tell Aahil this, she tells him that Sanam married him for money. Aahil now feels like he was wrong about Sanam, that she is just like everyone else so he tries to hate her. 

In the weeks that follow Tanveer learns that Sanam is Zoya + Asad’s daughter and that she helped her grandma, who knows all about her. But she can’t kick Sanam out because she needs her. At the same time they show us that her sister Seher is actually alive and is a con-woman. She becomes an integral part later.

Aahil + Sanam have to pretend to be a happily married couple for the suspicious lawyer, and every time they seem like they are getting closer Aahil sees Sanam w. Rehan and thinks that they love each other and snaps at Sanam. Hurtful words are said. Right after their most recent fight, they all go to Sanam’s cousin wedding (which is a disaster of its own), Tanveer tries to kill Sanam’s grandma, Aahil saves her and gets hurt in the process. Sanam freaks out and prays for him. This turns to be the turning point in their relationship. She takes care of Aahil when he comes back. Aahil in his rage + jealousy practically kicks Rehan out of the house. It hurts Rehan a lot since they were like brothers, and his mother doesn’t take his side being too obsessed with the money.

Rehan leaves the house, heartbroken and runs into Sanam’s sister, Seher, who goes by Sunheri. She decides to con Rehan, but she starts realizing how nice he really is + does so many sweet things for him. Rehan craves attention + love so he starts falling for her + Sunheri realizes that Rehan is a gem of a person and she wouldn’t feel right to rob him. Her fake parents, aka the people who taught her how to steal, show up and want to rob Rehan but she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want to hurt Rehan, but she knows he’ll be hurt if he finds out the truth about her. 

While this goes on, Aahil + Sanam get closer due to some random “best couple” competition. They realize that they actually do know a lot about the other + that they have feelings for each other. The pivotal part of this track is them building their “dream house” for the competition and realizing how much they actually want it to happen. Sanam then wants to learn about Aahil’s past because he has nightmares about it, he of course snaps + breaks the dream house and later apologizes + fixes it, making them win that round of the competition.

Sanam makes him his favourite food as an apology for prying into his past, Tanveer is hating how close they are getting so asks her two sidekicks to mix something in Sanam’s food so she’s asleep when the people get their for the next round to embarrass her. But no, it gets switched with some “truth serum” which the sidekicks mix into the pie, which both of them eat. Dancing, hugging and cuteness ensues, Aahil tells Sanam about his past. 

He is pissed when he realizes what he told her, but she helps him let go of his past. And then they have their first hug. And then comes Friday’s episode, where he surprises her and kisses her forehead.

TADAAAAA! You are now up to date.